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“Out of the Furnace” by Kevin Carr Adventurous to a Fault

In response to Kevin Carr’s 519‑word review of Out of the Furnace on 7M Pictures

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In “Out of the Furnace”, author Kevin Carr weaves an engaging tale that blazes trails. Unfortunately, a few of them may lead the reader astray.  

The journey is by far the highlight of this piece. The multi-faceted character development, gritty imagery and suspenseful plot twists that foreshadow the events to come without completely exposing them, keeps the audience enthralled throughout. It is not always easy to decipher where the author is going with his analysis, but it almost does not matter—the narrative is that riveting. Fortunately, it does lead somewhere, and once the reader arrives at their destination, they will likely find the conclusion worth the patience it took to reach it.

If this tome lacks anything, it is focus. In many instances, Carr becomes so engrossed in his storytelling, he seems to allow certain aspects of the subject to lead him astray. He builds them up to the point that they almost become stories within themselves, completely independent from the main premise. While it is fun to follow the author as he does so, it ultimately detracts from the mission, and thus is unnecessarily convoluting.  

All things considered, this piece is still a solid work that will enthrall and enlighten the reader. However, they are advised to remain mindful of the author’s tendency for embellishment. Failing to do so will cause them to re-read certain passages to garner some semblance of clarity, only to find themselves more confused than ever.     

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