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Mape’s “The World’s End” Is an Excellent but Spoiler-Heavy Crowd Pleaser

In response to Marty Mapes’s 1123‑word review of The World's End on Movie Habit

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Marty Mapes three-part concept review “The World’s End” is nothing short of ambitious and hits all the right notes.  However Maples stumbles quite a bit heavily in the spoiler department.

Each of the three integral parts of this review introduces a different aspect of the movie. For instance the section labelled “Science Fiction” addresses how well the genre concept is integrated into the picture, and in this regard he does a great job explaining how this was a bit of a misstep on the filmmakers part.

The same goes for another section entitled “Glory Days” which directly addresses the nostalgia with which this movie was made, but also the nostalgia the main character in the film suffers from. Everything is framed in a deep analytic fashion; he doesn’t just report what he see on screen he reports what the filmmaker is attempting to get at, and for that Marty get plenty of kudos.

There is a major issue that could potentially ruin the review for many however. Spoilers abound. This is the one key area where Marty really dropped the ball. There are hints at how the film ends, there are plenty of references to the major plot twist, and so forth. This is a shame really because this is definitely one of the better reviews for The World’s End; unfortunately our reviewer couldn’t hold water.

Mapes does a great job of creating not simply a review, but a narrative, and his unique approach works well with its source material.

Marty really engages the readers and the filmmaker with his style of review/storytelling.  This tendency may have ultimately led to him spoiling key elements of the film that many won’t want to overlook. This review gets a cautious recommendation and a big fat spoiler alert stamped in red.  Perhaps read it after seeing the movie.    

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