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Brian Viner Describes a Film and His Son Critiques in “Noisy Nonsense”

In response to Brian Viner’s 560‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Daily Mail [UK]

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Yes, the headline is correct. Brian Viner’s son delivers one line of criticism in his father’s latest work, which is arguably more than the the critic delivers himself. Does the title count as critique?

The feax-review is called “Thor, blimey! What a lot of noisy nonsense,” and it’s a poor attempt at film criticism.

The visuals of noisy nonsense are quite aggressive, and Viner must have thought he should offer something of value since the content is so bad.

Noisy nonsense is beyond frustrating. Viner shows potential early on when he offers a personal touch and reflects on unsmoked cigarettes. However, one will likely desire a heater after reading the review in full—even if they don’t  smoke.  Viner’s work is the anti-critique, and a perfect example of mailing it in.

Let the description begin! Is that what you are looking for? A cigarette story, a description, and one line of criticism from the critic’s son? You have found it.  

Noisy nonsense is devoid of original thoughts—at least in regard to film criticism. The occasional snarky line will come as a surprise because there is absolutely nothing to enjoy in this  brutal composition. It exists, but only barely.

Noisy nonsense is a joke and not in a good way.    

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