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Vincent Mancini’s “THREE STOOGES of SUPERHERO MOVIES” Is a Comedic Delight

In response to Vincent Mancini’s 1182‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on FilmDrunk

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There are some who might be inclined to take a movie like Thor: The Dark World seriously, and review it as if it were serious cinema. Vincent Mancini is not such a person, and he spends the bulk of “REVIEW: ‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’ IS THE THREE STOOGES OF SUPERHERO MOVIES” proving as much.

He makes a shockingly good case for his approach, mercilessly lampooning the silliness of Thor: The Dark World until the reader would have to be in the deepest stages of denial to think that a movie about a sort-of-god superhero who fights a dark elf over a magical MacGuffin should be treated with more gravitas than it actually is.

And good for Mancini. There’s nothing wrong with breezy, popcorn fodder cinema, but it certainly shouldn’t be approached in the same way as a Terrance Malick film or a period piece about slavery. Mancini strips away any such pretensions and addresses the film for what it is: supremely, self-knowingly silly.

Mancini matches the tone himself by also being supremely, self-knowingly silly, and the result is a thoroughly entertaining read. And not only is it entertaining, but it gives the reader a good sense of whether or not he or she would want to see the movie. Not on board for all the silly jokes in the review? Then probably stay away from the film he’s reviewing, too.

Tone is critical in film criticism, and Mancini strikes just the right tone with THREE STOOGES OF SUPERHERO MOVIES.  It is a true delight to read.    

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