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Susan Granger’s “Out of the Furnace” Puts the Film’s Feet to the Fire

In response to Susan Granger’s 339‑word review of Out of the Furnace on SSG Syndicate

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Susan Granger’s “Out of the Furnace” is an unforgiving look at a film with high aspirations, and standards that it apparently failed to meet.

Don’t let the website fool you Granger is no stranger to cinema. The writer doesn’t waste any time getting to the nitty gritty. And with that, the prose is decisive and adroit as the writer carefully carves through the film’s key issues.  However it should be noted that a quarter of the article is spent on plot setup so if you already know about the film skip to the third paragraph.

The chief complaint, and a convincing one at that, is the film is ultimately a hollow proceeding. The story that is told has little impact since it is only a veneer which allows the characters can act out a violent revenge fantasy.  Granger is not impressed to say the least.

Spoiler haters beware, Granger hints at major plot points and much can be easily deduced from her not-so-subtle hints.

According to Granger, the film is a “dour melancholy 4“ on a ten point scale. But given her critique one could easily see why she felt that way. Her review is short yet thorough and fair, and her score should be considered carefully by readers prior to seeing the film.    

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