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David Medsker Exudes Optimism in “Review: Gravity”

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David Medsker is a purveyor of optimism in his latest and greatest, “Movie Review: Gravity. “ 

Review: Gravity shows true care for the reader with a magnificent slideshow, and a YouTube video which is certainly icing on the cake. In fact, almost everything about Review: Gravity is enjoyable—even the serial killer mention in the open, along with a Steel Magnolias reference.

In the introductory paragraph of Review: Gravity, Medsker does indeed offer several outlandish film references, but it is for a greater good. Medsker searches for a way to communicate his movie experience to the reader, and wants to do so with care.

After a quick round-up of the plot, intriguing observations are made about the pros and cons of the main characters, and then transitions to a memorable statement: “It would not surprise me in the slightest to discover that this movie was made in space.” The words are bold and display the excitement of the critic.

Review: Gravity may set itself apart with a sweet combo of commentary on the direction of Cuaron along with the physical acting of Sandra Bullock. The common review will only  cover the basics, but not David Medsker.

The final first-person paragraph of Review: Gravity is breathtaking. Medsker drops the critic facade, and speaks to the reader as friend. One will appreciate the critic for the brazen move, and bow with respect.

Review: Gravity is filled with excitement, and will provoke one to think deeper about the possibilities of film.    

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