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Cole Smithey’s Inviting “Fire and Ice…” All Fire, No Frost

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Cole Smithey warms up to his audience in his newest work, “FIRE AND ICE | SCOTT COOPER DELIVERS ON PROMISE”. In the process, he delivers a genuinely passionate, honest and endearing take on a subject that has a heart of its own.  

The first thing one notes while perusing this text is the flow. It is virtually impossible not to get swept up in the rhythm the author creates. He doesn’t just tell a story, he conducts it, with the fluidity and virtuosity of an accomplished composer. In fact, it is so captivating, it suggests the author is in the wrong field. The interplay between the characters, the engaging drama, indeed the sheer emotional palpability this piece generates is impossible to ignore. It lures the reader in and takes them on a journey, as the author charms them like a pied piper.

Also significant is Smithey’s reluctance to retread old ground. Too often with a piece like this, it is easy to compare the subject to similar scenarios in an effort to bring the audience up to speed as quickly as possible. Other times, the author does so because they are simply too lazy to illustrate the topic in their own words—so they borrow from their peers. But the author resists this temptation, and in doing so, creates a fresh, wholesome and truly enjoyable take. By standing his ground, isolating the premise, and analyzing it on its own merits, he delivers a tome that burns with originality and roars with an emotional intensity that warms places in the reader’s innards they didn’t know existed.

The harsh cold wind of reality is extra bitter after perusing a piece like this. But for what it’s worth, and as long as it lasts, “FIRE AND ICE…” provides a safe sanctuary for the weary reader to rest his bones and warm his soul.    

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