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Lawrence Toppman’s “Gravity’: Weighty, Airy, Wondrous” Is Airy but Fails to Be Weighty or Wondrous

In response to Lawrence Toppman’s 745‑word review of Gravity on Charlotte Observer

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Lawrence Toppman’s “Gravity’: Weighty, airy, wondrous” is a happy review full of positive perspectives. Toppman begins the review with a great opener, but the high praise he opens with never ceases. While the reader may believe this at first, there are moments of such Hallmark-card level cheesiness, with virtually no criticism in the mix, that will make reading audience feel duped by pastoral sentiment.

Toppman shifts into a rather engaging narrative prose style during one paragraph of Weighty, airy, but the rest of the review, while focused on the positive, is weighted down by a tone of lassitude. This in turn has the effect of inciting the reader to feel as though Toppman is writing out of duty, instead of true passion or joy.

Toppman nonetheless writes well and occasionally rises to meet the reading audience’s expectation with a few engaging turns of phrases. Like his assessment of Gravity, this review feels both beautiful and bland at the same time, as though it just needs a little more depth to balance it out and hold the reader’s attention.

Toppman’s Weighty, airy isn’t anywhere near the best of its kind in the movie review realm,. It never reaches artistic delivery. Overall, it’s just weightless enough to be generally readable and likable, but not wondrous enough to be remembered for long.    

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