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Jake Coyle’s “Rusted Over” Is Written With Style but Lacks Insight

In response to Jake Coyle’s 607‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Associated Press

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The latest well-written piece of Jake Coyle, “Review: Out of the Furnace” rusted over,” is a satisfactory review, but lacks the depth that can easily be found elsewhere.

Rusted Over is pleasing to the eyes due to the video intro and elegant writing, but the content doesn’t allow one to feel like they are experiencing a classic Coyle critique. Readers might find themselves shivering, and hoping to be warmed by deep critique that roams elsewhere in the land of reviews.

Coyle begins Rusted Over on a strong note with a couple of revealing paragraphs on the work of director Scott Cooper. He offers a bit of mise en scène for his dear readers, which will appeal to fans of Sons of Anarchy or anyone that enjoys a little beer-guzzling and tattoos.

The majority of Rusted Over is plot summary, although not the typical boring description that one finds in brutal reviews. Coyle is a great storytelling mind, and the audience will be thrilled by his dynamic words.

Unfortunately, Rusted Over becomes sour toward the end with poor character analysis. Only two sentences each are given to the performances of Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson, and Coyle only offers the phrase “captivating stillness” when addressing Christian Bale. Readers will likely scream out “WEAK!” and slam their laptops down.

Rusted Over is visually pleasing, but Coyle doesn’t get ‘er done with his analysis.    

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