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Maguren’s Review: “I Give It a Year” Is a Short, Unambitious Work

In response to Liam Maguren’s 264‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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Liam Maguren’s “REVIEW: ‘I Give It a Year” is a short, unambitious work that under-delivers on its early promise. Maguren ably handles the preliminary matters, but the reviews abrupt non-ending will alienate and disappoint readers, leaving the biggest questions unanswered.

The reviews starts off promising enough with a nice little director backstory and plot outline. So far so good. The middle is the meat out the review and we are treated with a casual, almost conversational critique of the movie’s merits. This section includes a few humorous, but ultimately pedestrian assumptions about one of the main characters. There are also portions of the movie revealed during this section most having to do with comedic set ups so spoiler haters beware.

There is never really an explicit sense of whether or not Liam likes or would recommend others to see the film. Which really gives this review the feel of a preview. This really hurts the review. It fails to give the audience any concrete sense of whether they will or won’t like I Give it A Year.

Aside from the 3 stars Liam awarded the film, he never truly answer’s the audience’s question of, “Will I like this movie?”

There was a lot left to be desired from this review. It was over before it began, it ends abruptly, and lacks any definitive recommendation. The writing is okay, but there are really too many unanswered questions—concerning the quality of the film—to recommend Mr. Maguren’s review.    

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