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Chris Barsanti’s “‘Gravity’: You’re All Alone” Is Vertiginous Bonhomie

In response to Chris Barsanti’s 923‑word review of Gravity on Film Racket

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Chris Barsanti’s “‘Gravity’: You’re All Alone” is a long movie review with morsels of insight, highly emotional plot and character descriptions, and galactic servings of adjectives.

By taking a simple leap between the reader’s personal isolation and the equally terrifying notion of reading a bad review, Barsanti takes advantage of space, time, and the reading audience. Even with all of the Gravity details he explains, the outrageous language of You’re All Alone retains an unwelcome element of whipping-whip-whipped word-choices.

Barsanti’s wounded love of repetition meets his adoration of adjectives in a review that screams: all hope gives way to pretentious verbiages!

Of course, as the reader attempts to resolve the worries of whether to continue reading, the situation becomes more complex as Barsanti throws in an insight or a metaphor that’s actually good; it’s akin to solving a crossword puzzle about types of jelly while blind and in freefall.  You’re All Alone has far better plot summary than anything else, but the reader is still likely to feel like a mere pinprick in the middle of Barsanti’s self-congratulatory expressions.

Warning: the back-and-forth, good-and-bad of Barsanti’s writing style may produce a vulnerable reading state that may lead to an emotional gauntlet experience.    

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