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Lisa Kennedy’s “Pitt Star” Fails to Capitalize on Potential

In response to Lisa Kennedy’s 451‑word review of The Counselor on Denver Post

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What is with the steady stream of average performancs for “The Counselor” after the initial outstanding group? Lisa Kennedy’s latest work, “Review The Counselor: Fassbender, Bardem, Pitt star in morality tale,” is written well and offers a few intriguing thoughts, but isn’t that to be expected? Readers will be disappointed once again to find a review that does just enough to get by.

Pitt star has a promising open as Kennedy conveys key visuals of the film and ties them to the larger picture. One will be pleased by the opening statement, and prepare for a dynamic review.

The next paragraph addresses the obligatory character identifications, and essentially gives up on character analysis at that point except for a small dose of snark. One may believe that Kennedy will return to the characters to convey some type of meaningful thoughts on their importance to the film, but the critic says almost nothing other than a brief commentary on Cameron Diaz.  Kennedy couldn’t even put together a few thoughts on the lead actor, Michael Fassbender, who is the Counselor.

Pitt star begins strong but slowly sinks down to mediocrity, and joins so many critics who can barely move past the descriptions and address the techniques of the film. Kennedy provides some interesting analysis, but not enough to redeem this ultimately dull review.  

Pitt star is rushed, and allows itself to be average despite showing tremendous potential.    

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