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Steven Rea Kicks Off Holiday Plot Description Project With “All Right”

In response to Steven Rea’s 535‑word review of Ender’s Game on Philadelphia Inquirer

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Christmas shoppers will be pleased to learn that film critics are now not only critiquing films, but offering audio services as special storytellers that will describe the plot of a film to you before bedtime.

Steven Rea kicks off what will sure to be the latest Holiday craze with “The kids are all right in Ender’s Game.” Perhaps Rea confused his critiquing responsibilities with his new description job by accidentally producing one paragraph of critique at the end of the seven paragraph summary.

The project is in the early stages, so Rea will undoubtedly be forgiven by his loyals fans.

All Right starts on a bad note as Rea offers a lame introductory paragraph on technology that could potentially put the description project in peril. Fortunately, the critic transitions to several suspenseful paragraphs of summary that will excite one who is unfamiliar with cinema, movie trailers or the concept of film criticism.

By the conclusion of All Right, Rea just can’t seem to stay away from offering a little critique and composes an average paragraph of analysis. The lead actor Asa Butterfield “brings lots of adolescent earnestness to his role,” and other actors are noted as being in the film.

Steven Rea seems to be a bit confused in All Right, and isn’t quite able to provide an all-out summary. However, readers will likely forgive the critic for his one paragraph of criticism.

All Right is a complete joke.    

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