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Cary Darling’s “Catching Fire” Is an Awkward Dance With Apostrophe Typos

In response to Cary Darling’s 548‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

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Wowza. Attention, Cary Darling & Check out the numerous apostrophe typos in “Movie review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and please figure out why the letter f appears instead. The quality of the review is bad enough, but the apostrophe fiasco is just painful and offensive. One may immediately turn off their monitor and gently weep.

Speaking of offensive, what happened to the idea of critique? Darling offers a line of analysis at the beginning of Catching Fire, and a few thoughts at the end. One may ponder if they should actually see the film or rely on Darling’s massive plot synopsis.

Darling certainly doesn’t spoil the film in Catching Fire, but all he does for the majority of the review is describe. Where is the Katniss heat? The critic refrains from discussing the performance of the lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, other than the noting of “she shows much range.”

The lone highlight of Catching Fire is the opening in which Darling conveys what director Francis Lawrence brings to the film. The rest of the review is an awful dance with awkwardness, and the proverbial feet of the audience are repeatedly stepped on by typos.

Catching Fire is a disaster and should be attended to immediately.    

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