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Cara Nash’s “Prisoners” Is a Wholly Satisfying, Thorough Exploration

In response to Cara Nash’s 803‑word review of Prisoners on FILMINK (Australia)

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Cara Nash’s “Prisoners” is a wonderful piece of critique. It’s thorough, thoughtful, well paced, and well organized. There is very little negative that could be said about it. It is, in a word, a triumph.

Nash is obsessed with the themes of Prisoners, ably tracing the more obvious to the more nuanced meanings of the title as it relates to the events of the film. As Nash pours the insight on fast and thick, readers will have a dark world illuminated for them, leaving the experience smarter and more literate as a result.

The writing is superb, as Nash hits all the right notes and avoids any sour ones. She manages to work in all the major players (including the supporting cast and the cinematographer) without making the work feel bloated or forced. This isn’t rote criticism, this is living, breathing, essential writing that deserves to be celebrated.

Nash is at her strongest as she approaches her conclusion. She turns her attention to the audience and their potentially varied responses. She clearly maintains her professional objectivity even when her personal opinions are made clear. Her understanding of the film going public is nuanced enough to comprehend and deal with the spectrum of tastes that come into play. This makes her conclusions on the film all the more powerful and prescient.    

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