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Rob Vaux “Mania Review: Thor: The Dark World” Is What We Should Expect

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While the first installment of the Thor movies was still Rob Vaux’s favorite, he doesn’t let it interfere with his clever, if brief, dissection of the sequel. Filled with witty quips and other funny references to the Marvel movie, this clearly isn’t Vaux’s first comic book film review.

To Vaux, little is wrong with the film, and he makes you believe little is wrong with his review. His celebration of Loki is to be expected, as Tom Hiddleston is a fan favorite and excels in the role of Thor’s devious-yet-appealing-in-a-strange-way step brother.

The remainder of the review simply sets the viewer up to enjoy an action-packed, funny film complete with shirtless gods and super-miffed Dark Elves. Vaux takes the film for what it likely is: a roaringly good time that further delves into the world of Asgard, where immortals dwell and Natalie Portman beats out Jamie Alexander for the blonde’s affections. Yes, Vaux breaks the movie down very little, and offers it up as a simple good-versus-evil action flick complete with plenty of humor, but what’s so wrong with that?

Vaux doesn’t look beyond the entertainment value of the movie, and he doesn’t need to. His straight-up admiration of the film works just fine.    

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