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Kofi Outlaw’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review“Is a Hefty Delivery

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 1010‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on ScreenRant

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Kofi Outlaw’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Review” has broad appeal. There is something for fans looking for a deeper analysis as well as an easy to follow writing style that should appeal to causal fans as well.

One really must applaud the efforts of ScreenRant. No matter the film, they always manage to write a door-stopper of a review that would make Virgil, Milton or Melville envious. The doctrine of more is more seems thoroughly in practice for this Catching Fire review.  Outlaw’s cinematically astute overview of Catching Fire threads the needle between hardcore cinema student territory and casual movie fan quite nicely.

Outlaw’s analysis of Catching Fire is partially sacrificed to the angry gods of synopsis. As to be expected every critic must appeases these deities with tribute prior to the actual critical portion of the review taking place. Aside from this monument to assuming the reader’s won’t research a film they re about to see, the writer spares the gory details of the film and leaves many a cliffhanger in his wake.

Outlaw’s review is a welcome addition to anyone who happens to have encyclopedic knowledge of film analysis. And for those who don’t share this same appreciation for criticism, you might hate this website.    

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