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Robbie Collin’s “Grizzly Bearish” Is Among 2013’s Finest Reviews

In response to Robbie Collin’s 486‑word review of Nebraska on Daily Telegraph

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Robbie Collin is tastefully unassuming in his “Nebraska, review:  Alexander Payne’s latest film has a shuffling, grizzly-bearish rhythm all of its own.” It’s tight, piquant, and measured storytelling that deserves attention.

A few personal observations open up Collin’s work, offering a bit of backstory accompanied with a hint of hesitation. Grizzly Bearish nevertheless finds the author very pleased, his voice coming through in adjectival bursts of approval.

Among Grizzly Bearish‘s main themes is the idea of disillusionment. Collin navigates the subject deftly, referring to black and white images, crisp but equally dour. Yet the work doesn’t succumb to dreariness; rather, it manages to rise above it and pluck scenes of beauty from its monochrome.

This is what makes Grizzly Bearish such a strong work. Readers will be sucked into it, with Collin’s narration to guide them. His voice pervades, scooping lows and reaching highs—but ultimately hitting all the right notes.

Although the conclusion is subtle, it’s a very effective bookend for an extremely well-drawn story. Where some works this season have rambled on endlessly, this sub-500 word piece says far more without the excess verbiage.  

Grizzly Bearish is a truly engrossing work, and the prodigious effort on Collin’s part to accomplish what he does on such a scale will not go unnoticed by audiences. It may be among of the finest reviews of 2013.    

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