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Luke Buckmaster’s “New Space Odyssey” Embraces Techies, Lacks Heart

In response to Luke Buckmaster’s 792‑word review of Gravity on Crikey

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Luke Buckmaster uses Hitchcock-ian suspense techniques to hook the reader in “Gravity movie review: a new space odyssey.”

New Space Odyssey begins with a beautiful anecdote about director Alfonso Cuaron’s previous film, already seven years old. It immediately makes the review original, however some may walk away thinking that the whole affair is an unjust comparison. Regardless, the introduction is thought-provoking and memorable.

Luke Buckmaster is wildly successful when dealing with the technological accomplishments of the film, however there is little attention paid to the individual performances. In the recent wave of Gravity reviews, there has been an enormous amount of attention given to the setting, however few expand and provide a thorough analysis of the cast.

New Space Odyssey is a joy to read, especially for the critic’s thoughts on Cuaron, however many will wish that Buckmaster could have stepped it up a notch. The film references are enlightening but the work feels somehow disconnected from the human element.

In the final paragraph of New Space Odyssey, the critic references a teardrop and the effect it has in 3D. It’s an interesting idea to think about, but sadly there is little heart in the review for the image to have a lasting effect.    

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