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“Review” a Grand Journey With Room for Improvement

In response to Pablo Villaca’s 1218‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Cinema em Cena

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Author Pablo Villaca makes some damning testimony in  his latest work, “Review”. Most of it is valid, some misguided, but all of it is compelling.

There are some negatives here, but fortunately the author gets it out of the way at the outset. Although that in itself can be a make or break factor (too much negative can outright dissuade the reader from continuing further), they are trivial enough not to hinder this piece too much. Villaca’s first mistake is to assume the subject’s appeal is limited to a particular audience, which is blatantly untrue as history proves. His second is to falsely identify one source as instrumental to creating the subject’s content. While the source in  does appear throughout the creation timeline, it  second mistake is more forgivable, but also more prevalent. It is his insistence on referencing the supporting persona behind the characters that inhabit the subject’s universe. Apparently he felt it was necessary to provide such details, but in fact it was not…. or at least to the extent he has. While it does enlighten the reader, it also pulls them out of the story before it ever has a chance to get rolling. The result is a stilted diatribe that stalls like an old car at the most inconvenient moments.  

Those faults withstanding, “Review” is still a very solid piece of analytical writing. It’s no masterpiece, but entirely satisfying nontheless. Villaca has a knack for conveying drama and intrigue such that it infects the soul immediately. No doubt many a reader will succumb to the virus and spread the word like wildfire. Clever analogies and poignant plot twists adorn this eye pleasing diatribe, and showcase the author’s undeniable ability. One cannot hope but wonder how much more palpable this piece might be if he’d tighten up the focus just a hair.

But one should not look a gift horse in the mouth Indeed, this piece should not be picked apart for its misgivings but simply appreciated for the quality literature that it is.    

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