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Peter Rainer Is a Composed Gentleman in the Intellectual “Caricature”

In response to Peter Rainer’s 743‑word review of Nebraska on Christian Science Monitor

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Peter Rainer’s latest magnificent creation, “Nebraska, directed by Alexander Payne, veers into caricature,” is a deeply profound piece of art that one can study for minutes upon minutes. It’s a piece for the intellectual, and should be enjoyed with a glass of white wine.

What makes Caricature special are the small details that Rainer offers to the reader on Alexander Payne. The critic is fair with the director for his past and present portrayal of Midwest folk, however he certainly doesn’t give him a free pass.

Rainer doesn’t devote too much time to character analysis in Caricature, but just enough for one to get a sense of the Payne style. The critic reflects on the dreary nature of the film, and ponders the deeper intentions of Payne. One may gently nod repeatedly during the reading and snicker due to the piercing insight.

Peter Rainer shows a true commitment to critique in Caricature, and doesn’t waste any time with his words. He refuses to either praise or get nasty with the director, but offers a fair and balanced look at the tone of the film. One may be left desiring more, however Rainer does a fine job of expanding on basic themes with enjoyable writing.

Caricature will please all the Rainer-heads of the world with attention to detail and dynamic storytelling.    

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