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Josh Bell Takes a Significant Step Forward in “Anticlimactic”

In response to Josh Bell’s 488‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Las Vegas Weekly

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Josh Bell gives a solid performance with his latest creation “Film Review: Hunger Games Sequel Is Big On Action, But Feels Anticlimactic.” The critic has made a considerable leap forward from recent works, and the focus on critique will surely bring smiles to the faces of his loyal readers. One may even hear people calling out “Did ya read the latest Bell?” on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The header image of Anticlimactic is powerful, and readers should not stare at it for longer than ten seconds. Focus on the sweet prose of JB. Focus. The critic compiles a highly satisfying opening paragraph which clearly states his opinion in a big way. Readers may feel somewhat submissive to the JB Experience.

Anticlimactic moves steady with only one paragraph of plot summary, and Bell transitions to close out the piece  with two decent paragraphs of critique. Unfortunately, the director Francis Lawrence is only mentioned, the critic fails to offer any insight on his work in the film. Thoughts on the supporting cast are satisfactory, but Bell could have improved the work by digging a bit deeper.  

The final paragraph of Anticlimactic is awkwardly anticlimactic. Bell states that Jennifer Lawrence “remains the strongest player in the franchise,” which warrants an immediate nomination for most obvious statement of the year. Although Bell focuses on critique, the lack of Katniss and deep analysis will surely upset many. The effort is there, but the structure is flimsy.

Josh Bell improves significantly with Anticlimactic, and the future looks bright.    

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