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Colin Covert’s “Hot Sequel” Sizzles With Great Critique

In response to Colin Covert’s 607‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Colin Covert can be a hit or miss kind of critic. It’s not that he’s polarizing in his opinions. It’s that his style is sometimes a mixed bag: you never know which Covert you’re going to get.  

Here, in “‘Hunger Games’ catches fire in hot sequel,” Covert is on fire and delivers a piece that will please fans and may even make a few Covert converts (that’s hard to resist).

The opening is stellar. Nothing is more boring than a critic with weak opinions, something Covert can’t be accused of here. He gives a strong opinion right out of the gate, boldly calling Catching Fire the new Empire Strikes Back and backing it up with strong, daring critique throughout. The costume designs “draw a vivid line between the worlds of decadence and deprivation,” the set design is “stunning retro-futuristic,” and director Francis Lawrence “walks the line between ghastly realism and cranked-up absurdity,” giving Catching Fire the “creative vitality to make both aspects of the story work.”

The writing absolutely crackles. There’s not a single worn out phrase or saggy metaphor. This is pitch perfect prose that’s neither cloying nor dull and will keep readers captivated from word one to its excellent conclusion.    

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