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Swietek’s Review “Kick-Ass 2” Is Rendered Un-Readable by Spoilers

In response to Frank Swietek’s 792‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on One Guy's Opinion

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Every ship comes with an anchor which is usually designed to slow the boat down to a complete stop. The anchor is not designed to sink the ship upon its deployment. However, in the event of an anchor actually destroying the ship it was designed to serve, a great sense of loss would be felt for what might, and should have been. This is the case with Frank Swietek’s review “Kick Ass 2.”

The metaphorical anchor here is spoiler avoidance. By the third paragraph our reviewer has dropped two atomic spoilers the likes of which render this review completely radioactive. Just on good faith alone this review can’t be recommended simply because it takes a lot of the drama away from the film. To add insult to injury he practically spells out the ending of the film as well.

The saddest part is that the review is really well written. As a critic Swietek surely realizes prudence is necessary, spoiling key plot points is generally not acceptable behavior.

The presentation of this review is also extremely bland. It is simple and straightforward, but to its own detriment. Swietek shows promise but has a long way to go before claiming a place in the pantheon of the great critics of history. This review will almost certainly not be included in his application materials.    

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