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A. A. Dowd’s “The World’s End” Gives Readers Something to Look Forward To

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In A. A. Dowd’s review, “The World’s End” the critic chooses to focus  on what the film did well instead of creating a  review seeped in comparison to the other two features by the the Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg writer duo. It’s a nice change of pace that audiences are sure to appreciate.

Dowd is able to set aside his clear love for the other two films in the Cornetto to look at the merits of The World’s End on its own. Using his knowledge of film and production technique, Dowd offers a good balance between the overall plot of the film and its ability to use special effects to its advantage.

Dowd makes the reader aware of the fact that the film is inventive in its own right while serving as an effective spoof  of the sci-fi genre and the coming home again story. Readers will get a sense of the overall work put into creating this film, which Dowd believes ultimately pays off to give the creative forces behind it a piece which feels like “just the beginning for all of them involved.”

Dowd’s World’s End leaves readers expecting the very best from the film and sets them up to want more from the team responsible for it. Dowd makes believers out of the film’s skeptics.    

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