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Sam Woolf’s “Ender’s Game” Is Brilliant, but Gets Sidetracked

In response to Sam Woolf’s 1231‑word review of Ender’s Game on We Got This Covered

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Sam Woolf has a little trouble separating the art from the artist in “Ender’s Game Review.” Woolf goes on a three paragraph personal tirade against the author of the source material for the film, Orson Scott Card. Card has loudly come out against gay marriage, a stance that has caused many to boycott the film (and may doom it), but which bears no relation to Ender’s Game the movie.

In other words, Annie Hall was a brilliant film in 1977 and it’s still a brilliant film in 2013. Woody Allen’s personal mistakes didn’t change a single frame of the movie. In the same way, Card’s politics don’t alter the Ender’s Game film.

So, Woolf gets points taken away for allowing this type of diatribe to spoil his work, which, by the way, is otherwise excellent.

Woolf is an astounding writer and, to his credit, he didn’t let his personal misgivings about the author cloud his judgment. His critique (scroll past the ranting) is spot on and display a movie mind working at full capacity.

While it could do with a little levity (there’s nary a joke or breezy word to be had), Woolf has given readers a great review that’s soiled only by his momentary lapse of judgment.    

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