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Eric D Snider’s “Review: Prisoners” Is an Occasionally Hilarious Write-Up

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 677‑word review of Prisoners on GeekNation

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Eric D Snider’s “Review: ‘Prisoners’ is a Somber and Occasionally Grueling Thriller” manages not to get bogged down by the film’s apparent somber tone, and  livens the  review up with a bit of levity. The review does touch on plenty of weighty issues, but never goes full-tilt depressing on its audience.

The humor is one of the highlights of this well-written critique. It isn’t a full-on comedic review though, the writer’s sense of humor is understated and downplayed. Snider mainly focuses on  the film’s  many pros and cons.

He sticks to his guns and doesn’t deviate from his original thesis. He clearly sees the film as falling squarely into the “good but flawed” category and that is where he stays for the most part.  

The review is aesthetically decent, throwing in a few pictures of the film to break up the paragraphs. The blog as a whole looks a little better than the standard personal blog with an added bonus of zero advertisement for you anti-capitalists out there.

The only negative for this write-up comes in the form of spoilers. Here Snider could have done a lot better, even though some of the clues he includes are out of context, they are spoilers nonetheless. Then there are instances where more than just clues are present.  

Snider’s review took a lighthearted approach to a weighty movie and came out on top. The airy write-up is easily one of the better offerings out there as far as this film goes. In the end Snider’s review of Prisoners is a  seriously funny and charming take on an otherwise dour film.    

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