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Joe Neumaier “‘Gravity’ Soars” Is a Ride of a Review

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 461‑word review of Gravity on New York Daily News

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In “‘Gravity’ soars courtesy of Alfonso Cuarón’s vision and Sandra Bullock’s gravitas: movie review” Joe Neumaier provides an infectious buzz of excitement. Neumaier is thrilled with the expertise with which Gravity was created and is unabashed about providing this positive opinion to his audience.

Readers will feel as if they are on a roller coaster of happy. Neumaier introduces the film with such positive impact that readers will immediately be catapulted to the top of the screaming ride, skipping the usual, anticipatory climb. Once released, they’ll fly down the other side through rushing, gushing, and flying complimentary wordage coming at them at high speeds. The intensity of the excitement can be heard through the words themselves.    

Right when the readers would think the ride is over, Neumaier launches his audience into excited plot summary, a rise and dip into directing technique, and a final conclusion planting his viewers back in solid and sound opinion.

Vision and Sandra is smooth and leaves readers excited themselves, those butterflies of anticipation dissipated and replaced with informed experience. Neumaier even included several photos taken during the ride at the end of the review for viewing pleasure. This review was definitely worth the price of admission. A rush of excitement is a refreshing introduction to Gravity.    

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