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Mark Dujsik Is the God of Analysis in “THOR: THE DARK WORLD”

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 865‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik has been to the mountaintop and he’s back to enlighten readers with his meditations on the newest entry in the Marvel universe in his review, “THOR: THE DARK WORLD.” These are some of the most incisive insights any critic has given the world on the Thunder God’s sequel.

Dujsik puts on his lab coat and goes to work dissecting the film, his skilled hands dismembering and scrutinizing down to the bone marrow. This material is so dense, readers will have to roll up their pants to wade through it, but they will be rewarded for following Dujsik down his logic trails with well reasoned and unique critiques.

All this anatomizing does lend the piece a cold and impersonal feel, something Dujsik does little to combat. A little levity could help all the philosophizing go down a little easier, but he’s too clinical to be concerned with humor (except to analyze the humor in the film).

The writing is fairly utilitarian; it’s adept enough to mostly keep up with some of the deeper deductions, but it lacks the vitality it needs to really flow effortlessly.

Still, if you like your reviews staunchly and brilliantly analytical til the bitter end, give it a read.    

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