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Peter Howell’s “Thor Hammers Home the Jokes” Is Good Fun

In response to Peter Howell’s 592‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Toronto Star

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Peter Howell’s “Thor hammers home the jokes: The Dark World review“dares to do what no one else will: focus on the funny in a super hero movie.

Superhero films often take themselves too seriously, or not at all, and finding the right balance is a task worthy of a Norse God. Howell makes a name for himself by reminding his readers how fun it can be to focus on a singular element of the film, and view it through its unintentional strength. Naturally, this is done because, for Howell, the rest of the film is thundering mess.

His wrap up of the original film is actually funny and accurate without being snide, and it is hard to keep the laughter inside when he describes Asgard as a “giant church pipe organ.”

But Howell’s critical hammer is brandished at the effects, for making an epic film dull, and the silliness of the plots that, if one looks at too closely, will vanish into the aether. But what saves the film from collapsing in on itself is not acting, action, a great fight scene… it’s humor! What a telling detail to hang a review about a Thundergod who is every lady’s weatherman.

When the review is finished, Howell has done a convincing job with superb language and fun metaphors, in translating why a film that fails so hard should be enjoyed with laughs so well.    

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