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Mark Dujsik’s “Escape Plan” Is Nice, Which Is a Unique Triumph

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 898‑word review of Escape Plan on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik’s “Escape Plan” is remarkably consistent with the consensus that has-been action film stars can make a good prison break movie. The catch? Dujsik isn’t being ironic.

Dujsik makes a point of not being cynical, an unfortunate trend in many reviewers as of late, and the result is a deeper level of understanding (or trying to understand) why a film that should be awful is pretty good. In a nice inversion, character and actor discussion takes place before the plot (someone has been reading Henry James’ advice on their relationship, I see!)

Indeed, the plot gets a great treatment, riding the line between the ridiculous and good, and the twists and turns are ignored without yelling NO SPOILER ALERT.  

The director is championed for writing a “direct” film (the desire to make a bad pun about direct to film movies is heavy, but this is not a cynical review of a non-cynical review.) And, like others, Dujsik admits that the film’s plot is ridiculous, right after explaining the set up with professional dignity and without much in the way of clamor.

The film also knows that it is and what it isn’t, in Dujsik’s view. It’s a lesson he took to heart, writing a review of a ridiculous film, but keeping it clean and neat when it could have spat at it from on high. Nicely done.    

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