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Robert Denerstein’s “Gravity” Deserves Its Own Art Gallery Room

In response to Robert Denerstein’s 775‑word review of Gravity on Movie Habit

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Robert Denerstein has created a masterful work of art with his latest, “Gravity,” which may require several readings, not for interpretation, but for pure joy.

Denerstein’s Gravity begins with a fantastic bold font, and sets the mood for the reader as one contemplates their role in the universe, and also what to expect from the review. Denerstein gently eases the reader in with graceful words, and refuses to use cheesy phrasing as a tactic to hook the audience. The critic lets the essence of the film consume him, and transfers the feeling to the webpage. It’s quite magical.

The words of the critic flow effortlessly as he takes one from theme to theme with special care. References are kept to a minimum, as well as all-out praise. Denerstein has a story to tell, and the feeling conveyed could potentially make one see stars. The critic’s words are mesmerizing  through the use of vivid imagery and subtext to make the experience not only worthwhile, but transcendental.

Gravity covers all the essentials, but also expands into deeper territory in a very stylized and quiet way. The critic offers just enough analysis to make one contemplate the various themes whether it be the script, directing, or storytelling.

Rober Denerstein has created a very unique piece of art that requires its own room in a gallery.    

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