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Marshall Fine Will Captivate (Most) Audiences With “Gravity” Review

In response to Marshall Fine’s 778‑word review of Gravity on Hollywood & Fine

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Marshall Fine’s “‘Gravity’: White knuckles all the way” may not gain the author many new fans, but it’s sure to keep the ones he’s got very happy.

The breezy and charming style that characterizes Fine’s work is on full display from the outset of White Knuckles, which concerns itself with a fear of heights, the purity of animation, and men stuck between rocks. These seemingly disparate images, stuck like flowers into the first few sentences, set the stage for what’s to come—a swift and piquant commentary that neither takes itself too seriously nor loses its wits.

On the one hand, the work is a relief compared against the bloated, self-important offerings audiences have been forced to tolerate this Gravity season. Yet on the other, Fine manages (as he usually does) to show up in the piece frequently, which threatens to draw less casual readership out of the moment.

In a word, what makes White Knuckles so effective is also what makes it feel a little bit pedestrian.

But what White Knuckles is, if nothing else, is really quite entertaining. Diehard fans of Fine’s work will find a lot to love about his review—it is, after all, an excited and imperative piece. It’s difficult to fault the author’s style when the piece comes together such as it does.

While some audiences will prefer this season’s weightier offerings, White Knuckles is fun and substantial enough to hold the attention of the rest.    

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