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There’s a Funny Bee in Greg Evans’s Bonnet in “Prize Grab”

In response to Greg Evans’s 511‑word review of Nebraska on Bloomberg News

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Greg Evans’ “Dern’s Prize Grab” gives a beautifully impassioned counter argument to Alexander Payne’s overwhelmingly lauded new film, Nebraska.

All this ceaseless praise has Evans’s bloomers in a bunch and thank god because he clearly relishes playing the polemicist. You can practically see him crouched over his keyboard, grinning wildly as he throws literary snark bombs to and fro. Whereas some critics come off bitter when roasting a sacred cow, Evans’s viciousness has enough humor to soften the blow and make readers want to come along for the ride.

It’s deliciously wicked stuff made even more devilishly amusing because it’s aimed at a precious, critical darling like Nebraska.

Readers will revel in Evans’s impish disdain as he breaks down a movie full of condescension that “feels artificial, an overly fanciful ode to a make-believe Midwest where folks still call underwear “bloomers.”

In all his ranting, though, Evans doesn’t devote enough time to the actor’s performances, a big no-no, especially for an ensemble cast such as this.

The piece’s opening sentence is awkward and you may find yourself reading it several times to get its meaning, but, after that, Evans settles in nicely and his prose flies effortlessly, making this a delight to read.    

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