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Scott Nash Can’t Find His Footing in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Scott Nash’s 376‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Three Movie Buffs

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For such a tiny review, there’s an awful lot of rambling going on in Scott Nash’s “Thor: The Dark World.” Nash seems to have forgotten that critical writing needs to adhere to at least some modicum of structure to be an enjoyable read and the results here are disastrous.

Nash opens his review on a low note, devoting an entire paragraph (where one sentence would have sufficed) to deriding Thor’s love interest Jane for being boring (“but she does still look like Natalie Portman”) but doesn’t give readers any reasons why. He then turns his attention to Thor, who is just as boring as Jane. Again, no explanation is given.

As a writer, Nash might be a good cook. There are punctuational and grammatical errors galore, and, even at a meager 376 words, Nash fails to be concise, saying things in 10 words where one would be enough. The arguments are labyrinthine as well, circuitously wordy and meandering.

He comments that Thor: The Dark World “desperately needs more humor.” Nash would do well to take that advice to heart. There is not a single shred of humor or even joviality in the piece, a factor that could have at least provided some buoyancy and made this one mildly readable.    

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