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Wolcott Is a Bit of Bully in “Kick-Ass 2: It Just Doesn’t Do the Job”

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 348‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Tri-City Herald

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“Kick Ass 2: It Just Doesn’t Do the Job.” That is the first salvo from Gary Wolcott’s review, and the blasts keep coming. There are plays on the title, mainly phrases like “takes the helm,” and discussion of how the plot “grinds” the film to a “screeching halt.” The volume of Wolcott’s analysis is at eleven and that’s at barely fifty words in.

The review keeps the pressure and content up. There are jabs at the main plot, the side plot, the meta plot, and then a bell rings as props are given to Jim Carrey’s role (which elicits the alliteration that “Carrey carries the middle part of the film.”)

The review gets back on track with words like “toss” and “plot-pushing” and even “over-the-top.” Wolcott’s review is so filled with man-rage you half expect it to be written in cartoon captions like POW! SPLAT! and GUSH!

And like all high-octane reviews, it’s over before it begins, and what the audience is left with is the usual hand wringing about sequels, finger-pointing at “wannabes,” and a snarky tone that will make readers wonder if Wolcott’s next review will include a demand for milk money.

How refreshing that this review did not have a problem with mindless gore and violence, it certainly rounds out the debate. Sadly, the review goes about it all the wrong way and leaves a bitter taste in its wake. It’s a missed opportunity at best.    

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