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Jordan Hoffman’s “THE DARK WORLD’ REVIEW” Is an Effervescent Nerdgasm

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 676‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on ScreenCrush

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Jordan Hoffman’s ‘‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’ REVIEW” is not without its faults but overall it packs a thunderous punch and readers will find it a joy to read.

Based on Hoffman’s reaction to the newest marvel superhero film there is an obvious love for the source material. Everything from the score to the final line in the final paragraph point in this direction. But passion doesn’t always equate to excellence and this review is no exception to that rule. It does however do a damn fine job at attempting excellence.

Hoffman’s writing is exceptionally descriptive and he clearly has a working knowledge of both the Marvel and DC comic universe and throws in a nifty comparison between the two of them. He also ensures that he curbs his enthusiasm enough to write a compelling review that doesn’t just talk about the merits of the film.

The big screw up here would have to be the spoilers, and as they say nobody’s perfect,well the same can be said about reviews too. There are quite a few of them nothing that truly destroys the conclusion of the film or anything of that sort; moreso there are minor spoilers sprinkled throughout.

The bad outweighs the good in this review by a long shot. Hoffman’s  THE DARK WORLD’ REVIEW is a delightful read that will win over skeptical potential viewers.    

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