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One Will Likely Click Reset During Joe Williams’s “Saves the World”

In response to Joe Williams’s 435‑word review of Ender’s Game on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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The latest work from Joe Williams, “Teen’s hand-eye coordination saves the world in Ender’s Game,” is one of those reviews that seems to want to make a big statement without working too hard. The critic says very little about the film, which detracts from the pseudo-argument.

Williams opens with a questionable introduction in Saves The World that is honest, but makes the critic appear outdated. The first paragraph is a bombardment of “I” statements, and one may wish the “Critics Academy” introduction didn’t come across in such an oblivious manner.

Four paragraphs follow which are essentially four paragraphs of plot summary and snark. Williams appears to be more concerned with the idea that a film like Ender’s Game exists, rather than offering a legitimate critique.

The conclusion of Saves the World is more of Williams coming across as a dated grouch as opposed to a film critic that actually critiques films. Williams sticks to the video game theme, and provides lazy statements that will likely fail to connect with readers of all ages. Where is the analysis? Williams doesn’t even address the lead performance of Asa Butterfield.

Joe Williams attempts to stay relevant in but is clearly behind the times—not with technology, but with film criticism.    

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