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MaryAnn Johanson’s “Thor” Gets in Its Own Way

In response to MaryAnn Johanson’s 886‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Flick Filosopher

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The Flick Filosopher, a. k. a. MaryAnn Johanson, blessedly does less philosophizing and more critiquing in her review “Thor: The Dark World review: Viking with a chance of wormholes.”

Johanson offers a different brand of criticism, one the focuses primarily on the ontological questions raised by films. She does this for pay, a fact you’re reminded of by annoying pop ups which ask you to become a member every time you visit her page.

Her writing here is maddeningly uneven; Johanson tries to maintain several different tones, but doesn’t pull any of them off convincingly. One moment, she’s going for light and casual, smacking readers jovially on the back  like best buds and the next, she’s playing the part of studious film theorist.

This makes the piece a frustrating read and it’s a shame because Johanson is clearly capable of delivering sound, thought provoking (and even entertaining) work.  

Johanson’s work could use a little editing and needs proofreading; there are a couple typos and a few sentences whose wording could have been cleaned up had Johanson spent some time going through her work before publishing.

There is some value for readers here, but a few gaffes and a patchy tone drag this one down.    

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