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Tara Brady Writes About the Idea of a Film in “Nebraska”

In response to Tara Brady’s 379‑word review of Nebraska on Irish Times

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The large space between The Irish Times and the American Midwest is evident in Tara Brady’s Google Search-ish “Nebraska.” The work is yet another piece that appears like the critic might not have seen the actual film, or perhaps is simply not sure what to write about.

Brady’s Nebraska is a composition about the idea of Alexander Payne’s latest film followed by plot summary. There is almost zero critique to be found in the work other than a few flimsy statements at the end.

Brady asks the reader if Payne’s characters might have reacted different to news if the film was set in New York City. The answer is a definite YES, and one might find such characters in the films of Martin Scorsese or anyone who happens to be from New York City. It’s not clear what exactly Brady is getting at. The film is based in Nebraska and made by a director from the state of Nebraska. The critic is obviously trying to offer up a commentary on the personalities of Payne’s Midwestern folk, but it  is done in a strange way—and Brady even manages to reference the finale of the film as well. Congrats.

The review closes out with Brady noting that Bruce Dern is in the film, and she also produces a few more film references. What is the film about, reader? You may find that out in any other review.

Tara Brady’s Nebraska is hilarious, and not in a good way.    

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