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Chris Cabin’s “Kick Ass 2” Is Too Disjointed for Comfort

In response to Chris Cabin’s 556‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Slant Magazine

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Chris Cabin’s “Kick Ass 2” apparently comes from a mind full of disdain. It takes a while to get things going, and one may not be able to guess at the storm of disdain on the horizon, but it will come.

His rating is prominently displayed before his writing so he has no reason to hold back. He chooses to do so anyway. When Cabin eventually does get to it, his review is disjointed. He brings up some really great points. Unique even. He shows promise in his writing. He is clearly able to add humor to his words. The problem is that all his unique points of view are far too underdeveloped.

The way that Cabin set up his phrasing when discussing what he felt the director did right made it seem like there were other points that he felt fit the same category. His language is colorful at times but they fade quickly as he washes them out with dull words in the same mix.

He throws in a word about the film’s score at the almost very end—in fact, he recommends buying the soundtrack in his end note—but he doesn’t expand beyond that one sentence.

It’s a real shame because his last words are put together so well; they really convey his thoughts so crystal clear. Yet it’s too late to give this review any legs. Best to just move right along past this one.    

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