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Chris Bumbray’s “Review: …” a Volcano of Volatility

In response to Chris Bumbray’s 883‑word review of The Counselor on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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What starts as a promising offering from a talented author, quickly descends into an immature, inconsistent mess. Reading “Review: The Counselor (Chris Bumbray’s take)” is akin to babysitting a petulant child who doesn’t get his way.

From the first paragraph, Bumbray creates a despondent, even doomish, tone—his pessimistic view of the subject matter evident. The reader is subjected to grim analogies, rarely supported with viable evidence, and interspersed with blatant favoritism. It’s clear the author’s only motivation for writing at all is to pander incessantly to various sub-components of the plot. Regrettably, these components are so ingrained in the plot, the audience must endure his resentment towards the latter first. It’s as if he’s reflecting on an old lover, but can’t resist voicing his disdain for her mother in law in the process.

The boisterous manner by which Bumbray makes his proclamations overpowers the reader’s attempt at rational argument. Indeed in his mind, there is only one correct view: his. Interestingly, however, his robustness seems to diminish gradually to the point where he appears to doubt his own judgement. This in turn gives way to overcompensation, which results in self-contradiction. This finally leads to rage causing him to unfairly condemn his targets without mercy. The mood swings on display here would boggle even the most esteemed psychologist.  

The finished product is a turbulent temper tantrum that is both nonsensical and demeaning. This is disappointing, considering the author’s talent and his clear insight into the topic. Alas, emotional instability, combined with personal politics, reduces what could have been a fine work of art into an eye full of excrement.    

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