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“Gravity Review” by Matt Pais Talks but Trips on Proverbial Walk

In response to Matt Pais’s 354‑word review of Gravity on RedEye,0,5705275.column

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There are times in life when you have to experience the worst to fully appreciate the best. “Gravity Review” by Matt Pais is one of those moments.

More than a movie review, Gravity Review feels like being stopped on the street and talked to about a movie. The general opinion is not at issue, but one may not always be sure what is being said, or why he should care.

The weak visuals are forgivable, along with the average writing, but the main flaw of Gravity Review is the complete train wreck that is the argument of the critic.

Popular or unpopular, Matt Pais makes a shocking statement and does very little to back it up. The critic fails the reader by refusing to offer any substantial criticism on the the visuals or plot of the film, but rather choosing to focus almost exclusively on two lines of dialogue and a questionable issue with the opening introduction.

The character analysis of Gravity Review is devastatingly weak, and the best that Pais can summon up is that Bullock is “very good. “ 

Overall, Gravity Review will likely make one feel that Matt Pais believes he is smarter than most, and perhaps he is. The bold opinion is not the issue, it’s the complete failure to back it up.    

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