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Carla Meyer Sticks and Moves in “Visual Achievement”

In response to Carla Meyer’s 801‑word review of Gravity on Sacramento Bee

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The writing style of Carla Meyer is tough to follow in “Movie review: Sci-fi Gravity stands out as year’s great cinematic visual achievement.”

Visual Achievement is rich with content, and Meyer makes excellent points near the end, however the flow of her words is choppy and ends abruptly several times throughout the piece, including the conclusion.

Meyer is successful in supporting the title statement of Visual Achievement, and intrigues by showing international love and not focusing only on the domestic audience.

The analysis of the individual performances in Visual Achievement is severely thin, which is disappointing as Meyer seems keen on sticking to the idea of brief paragraphs of equal length. The experience of the reader is broken up repeatedly by a need to keep moving forward. One may feel cheated and rushed.

The insight of Meyer is surprisingly thought-provoking, especially nearing the end of Visual Achievement.  Sadly, the critic continues her “stick-and-move” style and leaves her audience stunned (in a bad way).

Overall, Visual Achievement is the equivalent of an astronaut’s oxygen coming and going. Excitement. Disappointment. Excitement. Disappointment. On and on it goes until the inconclusive end.

Perhaps Carla Meyer is on to something, and her core audience may certainly approve. For the rest of the movie review reading world, Visual Achievement will be remembered as something of a tragedy. Meyer clearly has so much to say, but she walks away with most of it left unsaid.    

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