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Anne Thompson Is Not in the Mood to Forgive in “Show No Mercy”

In response to Anne Thompson’s 358‑word review of The Counselor on Thompson on Hollywood

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Anne Thompson is not in the mood to forgive in “Critics Show No Mercy for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’: ‘It’s Just Bad Cormac McCarthy. ‘” As she points out, she isn’t the only critic who thinks so.

Thompson seems to take particular pleasure in skewering this film, whether she’s calling the language in the film “pretentious,” stating that “nothing rings true,” or actually taking the time to list the negative comments of other reviewers. The audience gets it: she does not like this film. But that’s all right, because, in having so much fun, she transfers her sense of enjoyment to the reader. Nobody ever said a negative review can’t be a fun time.

Not that the  this reviewer doesn’t have some nice things to say. She takes special pains to point out this is not the fault of the actors. And she has good things to say about the shooting style of the film. By pointing out these contributions, she proves this is not just an out-of-control rant on her part. This is a reasoned, if enthusiastic, lancing of a particularly putrescent boil.

 There is much pleasure to be had reading a well-written negative review.  If you want to enjoy reading about someone else’s travails without feeling guilty about it, read this review. If you’re smiling by the end, that’s OK too.    

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