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Bob Bloom’s “‘Thor’ Sequel a Sly, Superhero Flick” Is Unnecessary

In response to Bob Bloom’s 392‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom’s “‘Thor’ sequel a sly, superhero flick” is a short read of expendable quality and content. Sure, there are adequate run downs of plot and characters, but not much else is offered to reading audiences looking for balanced perspective, especially those who have come to expect Bloom to deliver the goods in a small package.

Bloom is an established writer with great humanistic style and voice that connects well with wide reading audiences, yet with sly, superhero flick, he relies far too much on adjectives to demonstrate his opinion, rather than thoughtful examples. Bloom’s utter avoidance of the themes presented in Thor: The Dark World, suggests that he wouldn’t have offered positive perspective or explained it with serious criticism no matter how good the movie had been.

Bloom unsuccessfully attempts to employ machination of exposition, which fails precisely because he never formulates a solid (let alone crafty) plan other than helper words in order to get his point across. He pulls-off a humorous reference once and offers a little insight in the middle of the review, but he doesn’t provide near enough example to warrant his final appraisal of Thor: The Dark World, which in turn leaves the reading audience unsatisfied and never fully engaged with the content.

The review itself is rather simple: Bloom gives basic information; Bloom finds movie “unnecessary.” Thinking minds will wonder what is necessary, and if it doesn’t include water, food, and shelter, then that statement obviously becomes absurd—an absurdity one doesn’t usually find in Bloom’s writing or perspective.

Moreover, Bloom claims that Thor: Dark World is enjoyable and exciting (i. e. entertaining), leaving reading audience perplexed over why it could possibly be relevant that the film doesn’t meet the universal standard of the word “necessary.” Ultimately, sly, superhero flick is unnecessary with little ground to stand upon as good movie review, and unfortunately—expendable.    

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