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Philip French’s Lackluster “I Give It a Year—Review” Falls Short

In response to Philip French’s 221‑word review of I Give It a Year on Observer [UK]

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Philip French’s “I Give It a Year—review” opens with a literary quote about marriage that draws in his readers. This is the high water mark for the review, and it fails to ever come close again. The review falls short and delivers a less than desirable outcome.

French does well to use strong, bold language when conveying his displeasure of the film but he fails to back up these convictions of his with specific examples. The review is half-baked and doughy on the inside. Its feels like French is attempting to do little more than confirm a belief that he feels his audience already has. As if they‘ve already seen the film and agree with him.

With its lack of detail and un-reasoned conclusions, there is little that will be missed by not reading this review. There is no consistency and French does little to branch off from the foundation he set in the beginning. Feel free to toss this write up in the lackluster review bin.

The final word of the review, through a formatting quirk, appears to be completely disconnected from the rest of the review’s body. This lack of care is sadly indicative of the whole review. One would do well to stay as disconnected with this review as the final word.    

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