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Peter Rainer’s Hammer Is Small and Brittle in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Peter Rainer’s 180‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Christian Science Monitor

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It’s a real shame that Christian Scientists can’t take pain killers, because they’re going to want one after reading Peter Rainer’s review in the Christian Science Monitor. Actually, “‘Thor: The Dark World’ has lost the spark of the original” is so slight that it won’t even warrant a breaking of their religious vows.  

Rainer’s itty-bitty piece clocks in at a meager 180 words, making haikus around the world jealous of its spareness. The critic could manage to right the ship (er. . dingy) by giving some worthy analysis, but that’s sadly not the case here.  

He does offer a minimum level of criticism, calling the film “monumental and generic” in the first sentence. Unfortunately, after that, Rainer devolves into “I” statements, even devoting an entire paragraph to “my favorite moment in the movie,” (one where an astrophysicist has no pants), a bit of analysis which is of absolutely no use to readers.  

The review suffers from some lazy factual errors as well. Rainer thought the New York scenes from the first Thor were “more original.” The only problem is that there were no scenes in New York in the first Thor film. Oops.

The work here is too scant to warrant a recommendation.    

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