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Julian Roman’s “Review: Nebraska” Lacks Hustle & Flow

In response to Julian Roman’s 806‑word review of Nebraska on MovieWeb

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The latest work of Julian Roman, “Nebraska: Review By Julian Roman,” is slightly disappointing. The critic delivers a fantastic introductory paragraph, but the rest consists of clunky writing and thin critique.

Nebraska: Review teases the audience with a poignant opening paragraph. Julian Roman’s writing has a wonderful introductory flow, but one will wonder what happened to the body of the review. It’s as if the critic focused on hooking the reader and then wrote in the train-of-thought style.

Roman composes an intriguing read in Nebraska: Review, but ultimately the critique is in need of a fine tuning. The critic says nothing about the specifics of the lead performances, although he does note that they are “excellent.” One may question why Roman has nothing to say about Bruce Dern, who won Best Actor at Cannes, or the comic-turned-actor Will Forte. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the review is when Roman makes a big statement on Alexander Payne, but says little about his work on the actual film.

The writing of Roman is choppy throughout Nebraska: Review, which is strange considering the excellent open.  The phrasing is often awkward, and one may experience a nasty headache.  Roman could definitely use a little hustle and flow.    

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