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Caution: Heads May Explode Due to William Bibbiani’s “Dark Review”

In response to William Bibbiani’s 1245‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on CraveOnline

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William Bibbiani is a steady master of greatness in the prolific and highly entertaining “Review: Thor: The Dark World.” The heads of fanboys may explode due to sheer excitement, and others may secretly wish to be one of the characters.

Review: Thor is so comprehensive that it may almost be too much for some. Bibbiani doesn’t spoil, but looks after his audience with care and  delivers a work that is in demand. The critic takes his time, and explores all themes of the film with humor, heart and an excitement that will tantalize the brain.

Character analysis is at the heart of Review: Thor. One may feel a connection to Loki and Thor once Bibbiani has completed his examination. The critique (and it is an all-out legit critique) takes a look at the motivations of the leads, and how it affects the franchise as a whole. Bibbiani will certainly satisfy all with his take on the villain, and the overall work shows the critic is a great Thor mind.

The plot summary of Review: Thor is not only entertaining, but also filled with dazzling analysis from the critic. Bibbiani’s work may be the go-to piece for the most nerdish Thor maniacs, and they will not be disappointed.

Review: Thor is the work of one who is dedicated to the craft of film criticism.    

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